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Schools / Institutions

We always put people first in our concepts – but when we talk about schools and institutions, this premise is taken to a deeper level. In these cases, we build our analysis around a more intuitive and emphatic thinking, and in meeting the users needs with a great deal of attentiveness. The ambition is to create surroundings, that address the senses and emotions as well, and stimulate joy and energy.


Schools and institutions are employee work places as well, and days are often very busy and very little space is allotted to employee functions. Their needs should be adressed with equal weight and understanding, to make a project really successful. We like to use humour in many contexts, and a nice example is the nursing home, Søndervang, where a use of nostalgic references with a twist, did a bit of disruption in the traditional place-for-the-elderly style. At a sports school for handicapped children, we used the sports references as the central theme, and created a very energetic place, designed to make you want to play and move.

Do you see a need for change in your school or institution?
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Søndervang nursing home
The nursing home is located in a rather worn down five story building in Copenhagen. This building is undergoing a planned renovation in five years time, but both staff and residents needed a bit of freshening up of their surroundings. In collaboration with Essensen, we have done a makeover with a lot of references to nostalgia, but with a modern twist.

Sports school for disabled youths
The sports school offers 700 m2 of both in- and outdoors sports facilities. In close cooperation with school staff and teachers, we developed an interior concept that facilitate the many daily activities for the disabled students. The school vision is to create community through sports, and various sports references are the uniting theme in the concept.

More examples
Would you like to see more examples, do visit our ‘PROJECTS’ page. Here you will find examples from our work with retail space, office space, public service areas and libraries – as well as restaurant/café projects and work with schools and institutions.

Get inspired – and please get in touch, if we could help you realize a vision. We are looking forward to hear more, and to create a unique solution for you.

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