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office spaces

What kind of corporate culture do you have? Are you a large employee group or a small one? Do you enjoy a game of foosball and end-of-the-day-activities? Do you have room for big thoughts, or just about enough room to wiggle?

RITA Arch will always meet your corporate culture with an open mind, and offer solutions suited for you – solutions that will add value for employees and company both.

Office spaces should be contemporary and feel fresh, and we work with the leading manufacturers of furniture, lighting, textile, colors and materials, and have our eye on the current trends.

Both large and small details constitute a great work space, and we put our energy into a couple of further aspects, which are sometimes neglected: acoustics, charting work flow and introducing multi-functionality to certain rooms, to name some.


RITA Arch will address all the issues of office planning, starting with your specific identity, your architecture and group of employees.

Well planned work stations will lead to productive, thriving employees and we negotiate many different types of needs in our solutions. Whether you need quiet concentration, group synergy or charging the mental batteries. A great office space should be able to facilitate all of these and perhaps even have a deli or a gym?

This we can work with, too.

Does your office space need a fresh perspective? It may seem overwhelming, but we make it manageable by our six work phase philosophy. By working like this, we make sure that energy is put into the relevant areas, and we end up with in a great, valuable result.

Should we take a look at it?
Book a non-committal coffee meeting on our ‘CONTACT’ page, where you will also find all our details. We have offices in a cosy backyard in Østerbro, and you are welcome to visit us – or we will visit you.


Havas is an integrated media- and ad agency, working from a vision about meaningful relations between people, through creativity, media and innovation.

Merck, Denmark
Merck is a medical company – and the comprehensive interior concept is based on their core values and visual identity. These aspects were incorporated into the design from the beginning and are expressed through colours, materials, furniture, bespoke elements, graphics and wayfinding.

More examples
Would you like to see more examples, do visit our ‘PROJECTS’ page. Here you will find examples from our work with international projects, retail space, public service areas and libraries – as well as restaurant/café projects and work with schools and institutions.

Get inspired – and please get in touch, if we could help you realize a vision. We are looking forward to hear more, and to create a unique solution for you.


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