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libraries / public services

The bureaucrat behind the counter is a thing of the past – and these days eye level service, digital tools and helpful wayfinding, is the standard you aspire to, in this type of public space.

At RITA Arch we master the complex flow analysis of a space that perhaps has thousands of daily users, with a great variety of needs and purposes.


Our ambition is to contribute to a new culture, where several public function share a venue – and where it has been the aim to create a welcoming place, where people find it pleasant to spend some time. Where you are intuitively guided by intelligent wayfinding, and sometimes a but of humorous nudging. This is where we can use all of our knowledge about office spaces, eating/socializing spaces and exhibition spaces, because a modern library or civic center is sometimes all of the above.

At RITA Arch, we have become quite competent at dealing with this kind of public or semi public space, and could guide you through the process with our six phase work model.

Does that sound interesting? Book a non-committal coffee meeting on our ‘CONTACT’ page, where you will also find all our details. We have offices in a cosy backyard in Østerbro, and you are welcome to visit us – or we will visit you.


Holbæk Public Library
At Holbæk Public Library we have created a modern and welcoming interior, that works well with the handsome building and creates coherence between the floors. The consistent theme is composed by shades of bright red, large photographic writer portraits and quotes, printed on birch veneer on the shelf unit ends, and bespoke seating arrangements and storage.

Roskilde Town Hall public service
The new town hall foyer, extends from the older building, Amtsgården from 1976. We have emphasized the importance of fine materials and warm hues, to create coherence between the two buildings. Ash wood, white paints and several shades of red have been used, and the space planning concept solves all of the practical requirements. A round reception counter greets you centrally in the space, and seating in various heights, plus roofed meeting cubicles, provide peace and quiet for conversation

More examples
Would you like to see more examples, do visit our ‘PROJECTS’ page. Here you will find examples from our work with retail space, office space, public service areas and libraries – as well as restaurant/café projects and work with schools and institutions.

Get inspired – and please get in touch, if we could help you realize a vision. We are looking forward to hear more, and to create a unique solution for you.

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