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| At RITA arch we deliver unique solutions that embrace all aspects of your work culture and dna. Solutions that state, internally and outwards, that your mission statement is not only words, but also action |
| Research | Design | Specification | Implementation |

Our starting point will always be thorough RESEARCH and an analysis of your corporate culture, identity and – obviously – your current wishes and needs.

This is followed by the DESIGN phase. This consist of several elements, from the overall space layout, developing a concept, planning the interior – to choosing color, materials, lighting, and designing custom solutions, graphics or wayfinding.

The design phase points towards SPECIFICATION, where detailed drawings, specs and descriptions form the base for tender, procurement and building.

In the last phase, IMPLEMENTATION, RITA arch will co-ordinate with owner, landlord, contractors and suppliers. We make it a transparent and secure process and will ensure a functional and beautiful result, on time.

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