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RITA will lead you safely through all phases of an interior or reconstructional project. We will make you feel safe and always updated, and make sure you get the job done in time, with a functional and aesthetically satisfying result. We will always adapt the work process in collaboration with you, to make sure you get great value and that all your needs are seen to.

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// Aesthetics are functional //

This is one of our most important ideas and one that permeates all our work. But what does it mean?

You have no doubt that the lamp on your desk, your chair or the placement of tables in the lunch room, are important functional features in an interior solution. It is possible to monitor, register and prove that they have a certain effect.

At RITA we also implement some slightly more vague or immeasurable factors when we say ‘functionality’ – because we believe that i.e. colors, sensory experiences and humor, are equally important aspects.

We see aesthetics as the deeper sense of the whole project, the aspect that makes your brand identity permeate even the smaller details. And that is a function, indeed!

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