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Tradeshift San Fransisco

For Tradeshift, an international fintech firm, founded in Denmark, we designed a global office concept.


Tradeshift is an International fintech company, founded in Denmark, with more than a thousand employees in 14 countries. The flagship office is situated in San Fransisco, at a downtown location, as is always the case with Tradeshift offices, because the urban energy is an important asset to the work environment.

RITA has created a design koncept for their offices world wide, including a space plan principle, which will be implemented in all locations. In addition to that, RITA has also served as architect in charge of the (re)building project on four locations and as contractor for bespoke design elements.


The Tradeshift space plan solution is based on a color zone identification: social interaction (green), working together (blue), working on your own (sand/sea) and recharging/relaxing (red) and communication hubs (yellow). This makes it easier for a multicultural commuter staff to make themselves at home a any location. The palette is inspired by some common qualities in Danish and Californian coastal nature.

Other important features in the space plan are multi-functional wall units, typical Danish organization of the lunch rooms and a different approach to reception areas.




Global design concept
Space planning
Project management
custom design, colors, furniture and lighting



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