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TÆNK, RITA arch: Canteen and collaboration space

The Danish Consumer Council, TÆNK

Comprehensive interior design project with recycled furniture and functional solutions.

The Client Brief 

The values of The Danish Consumer Council have human well-being at the center. When the organization outgrew its previous office in the center of Copenhagen and moved to Nørrebro – in a building from 1857 originally built for Nordisk Metalvarefabrik – it was natural to have reason and sustainability in the center of the design. 

They wanted a place that was comfortable and functional which provided opportunities for working in deep focus as well as knowledge sharing and socializing. 

Our Solution

Based on the values of The Danish Consumer Council, user input from workshops and dialogue meeting, as well as the building’s qualities and possibilities, the concept of “The Sensible Choice” was developed which laid the foundation for a functional interior with their identity at the center. 

The interior is built around functional, well-tested design, sustainable materials and economically profitable solutions. Simple geometry is used as elements in the interior design. This creates a connection between TÆNK’s visual identity and the physical framework of the workplace.

A harmonious color palette invites to a calm working environment and complements the graphical green objects of TÆNK. 

In order to make it easy to make the right choice during the working day, working zones with its own function and theme were established, clarified through spatial coloring and furniture typologies. 

Hereby we accommodated the need for several different functions in an open office.


The Danish Consumer Council, TÆNK


Interior concept
ABW space planning
User involvement
Color scheme
Furniture, light, and material choice 



TÆNK, RITA arch: Recharge zone
TÆNK, RITA arch: collaboration zone
TÆNK, RITA arch: concentration zone
TÆNK, RITA arch: meeting room facility
TÆNK, RITA arch: Telefonboks
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