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Pharma businesses have a very specific culture, where science, innovation – and often even production – co-exist with administration and sales. This makes for unique situations, where an understanding of the different professions and their needs, is key.

Internally it is important to create cohesion between the functions and enable a feeling of common workplace spirit – and outwardly it is always of great significance for a pharma business, to appear solid and trustworthy. When RITA arch works in the pharma field, we always aim to create a project that encompasses these special circumstances.

We have worked with major International businesses in the pharma field, and have used our comprehensive knowledge to develop their potential as flexible, modern work places.

Is your workplace that kind of a place, operating in the intersection between science and practicality – with lab-, testing- and production facilities, alongside traditional office work stations? And do you see the need for some rethinking of your space?


A well planned work place will lead to productive, thriving employees and we negotiate many different types of needs in our solutions. Whether you need quiet concentration, group synergy or charging the mental batteries. Perhaps you operate with areas of restriction or high security issues? These may be integrated in new ways, and we take all these things into consideration.

RITA Arch will address all the issues, starting with your specific identity, your architecture and group of employees. It may seem overwhelming, but we make it manageable by our 6 work phases philosophy. By working like this, we make sure that energy is put into the relevant areas, and we end up with in a great, valuable result.

Should we take a look at it?
Book a non-committal coffee meeting through our ‘contact’ page. We have offices in a cosy backyard in Østerbro, and you are welcome to visit us – or we will visit you.

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