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International Projects

At RITA Arch we have been carrying out projects that, in some sense or other, moves across borders – these are what we call our ‘international projects’.

These have been situated both in Denmark and abroad and the international aspect has taken several forms:

In some cases, foreign companies have been in the process of opening offices in Denmark, and want to use Danish architects. Both because it’s practical, but also because you may want to use someone able of interpreting the company values and habits, and put them into this local context.

In other cases, companies with Danish ownership or leadership abroad has been interested in using us because of the significant quality we could add to their setting – and finally, of course, local companies with offices in other countries as well.


Our experience with international projects has made ud skilled in handling the manu practical aspects of working across borders and markets. We know that perhaps even especially in such projects, the need for a secure and steady project management is key, and we undertake all the vital phases of a project – from handling quotes from potential subcontractors to the day-to-day contact with suppliers and builders. We also take care of ongoing quality control and make sure that you are continuously updated.

We have established a strong routine in conducting communication on digital platforms and across language barriers and time zones. There are numerous practical and cultural differences to take into consideration, and this is something we do for you – so you don’t have to worry about it.

Our six phase work model works in both local and international settings – and the aim is alway to make the process transparent and manageable for all parties. We use the work model to make sure resources are always used to their best advance in your project – in order to end up with a result that really generates value.

Does that sound interesting? Go to our contact page, and book an informal meeting or conference call. In Copenhagen we are based in a cosy Østerbro backyard house, and you are always welcome to visit us for brainstorm and a coffee, or we could come to you.


Tradeshift San Fransisco
Tradeshift is a Danish founded international fintech company with more than a 1000 employees in 14 countries. We created a design concept for all of their offices, based on a work environment, suitable for staffers from a wide range of cultures, and easy to navigate and feel at home in. We did analysis, space planning, color, materials, custom design, and wayfinding.

Merck Denmark / Merck Dijon + Amsterdam
The comprehensive interior concept is based on Merck’s core values and visual identity. These aspects were incorporated into the design from the beginning and are expressed through colours, materials, furniture, bespoke elements, graphics and wayfinding. We implemented this concept in offices in both Copenhagen, Dijon and Amsterdam.

More examples
Would you like to see more examples, do visit our ‘PROJECTS’ page. Here you will find examples from our work with retail space, office space, public service areas and libraries – as well as restaurant/café projects and work with schools and institutions.

Get inspired – and please get in touch, if we could help you realize a vision. We are looking forward to hear more, and to create a unique solution for you.

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