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Research / Interior / Transformation / Architecture

Our starting point is always a thorough analysis of culture, indentity, and – of course – your needs and requirements. We design spaces that boost your energy, your mood and your productivity.

At RITA Arch, the team consist of both generalists and specialists, and we will (wo)man your project according to it’s nature and size.

Our resources cover: space planning, conceptual development, project management, custom design, wayfinding, info graphics and visual style – and we’ll put together the perfect crew for your job.

RITA will lead you safely through all phases of an interior or reconstruction project. We will make you feel safe and always updated, and make sure you get the job done in time, with a functional and aesthetically satisfying result. We will always adapt the work process in collaboration with you, to make sure you get great value and that all your needs are seen to.

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