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RITA Arch is a partnership between architects Anne Heinsvig and Anna-Carin Andersson.

Through Annes force and experience within the fields of furniture design and interior concepts and Anna-Carins year long practise as a project manager, architect and space planner in some of DK’s leading architectural firms – they form a strong and very competent unity.

RITA Arch have specialized in interior- and transformation projects, where user involement is a part of the process towards exciting spatial solutions. Solutions that really boost the work flow, in offices, restaurants, retail spaces, libraries or schools – as typical examples.

RITA Arch offers expertise in space planning, concept development, project management, user involvement, bespoke/custom design, wayfinding, info graphics and graphic/visual design – and RITA will always put together the perfect team for your job.

In our offices you will meet: Anne Sofie (space designer – interiors and custom design), Edit (architect – interiors and custom design), Malene (graphic design and wayfinding), Cecilia (interior designer) and Tina (communication and graphic design).

These are the four pillars of RITAs work philosophy:


We will help you define and specify your needs and create positive change through an understanding of the corporate identity and set of values. Depending on your level of ambition regarding the physical change, we will adapt a work model, where spatial analysis, capacity/work flow and behavioral studies are among our important tools. As we believe that the most important asset in any organization are the employees, their input is highly valued. User involvement through interviews, workshops and questionnaires are central elements in our RESEARCH – and we use the data to support and strengthen the design process.


RITA specializes in interior development that embraces your company goals and encourages employee enthusiasm and satisfaction. We know that intelligently planned INTERIORS will influence productivity and happiness positively. We believe that a professional workplace interior should mirror the corporate spirit, and use all the tools of the trade to get you there. Space planning, furnishing and colors, of course – but also detailed solutions in wayfinding, custom design and graphic visuals. At RITA we do comprehensive projects with people in mind, first of all.


Organizational change, growth and implementation of new work methods, put demands on the work environment. Whether it is via building reconstruction, shifting of work functions or moving to a new place, we know that a successful TRANSFORMATION of the physical environments, is a valuable process. RITA will take charge and guide you through, and by involvement and dialogue with the relevant parties, we will show you possibilities and useful solutions. Our job is to make the process transparent and accessible, in all its complexity.


ARCHITECTURE is our academic, creative and practical starting point. RITA Arch will always exploit the unique architectural qualities of each location. The integrity of the project – understanding the fusion of the space and its users – is an important parameter when we design. Style and materials are always chosen from an aim to create functional, beautiful and inspiring spaces, that will serve as excellent surroundings for productivity and thriving.

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