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In co-operation with you, we will decode and challenge your strategy and your needs. In this process you will benefit from our solid experience in user involvement and knowledge about architecture and design.

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RITA arch creates inspiring interior solutions, that translates your needs, values and culture into physical spaces.

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We design spaces that impact your mood, energy and productivity. Our ambition is to facilitate positive thought, attitude and action in an aesthetic setting based on functionality, comfort and ambiance. As architects we see your business from other angles, and some that may be surprising and new to you. Let us offer a fresh view on your issues, and release some space, light or elbow room in places you hadn’t seen it coming. We see potential everywhere!

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One of our main principles, and a guideline for all our activities. But what does it actually mean? You know that the design and placement of your desk lamp, your chair – or the way tables are placed in the lunch room – are important functional features of a workspace. It is even possible to monitor that such details have an effect.

However, RITA arch likes to work with elements that are a bit harder to define. When we regard a project in all its detail, we believe that color, sensory experiences and humor are equally important aspects. Aesthetics help us embrace all these things unconsciously and make us feel good. And that is functionality, indeed.

Explore our projects portfolio and see how our work has made space for our clients: space for both work, services, community and events.

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